Choosing a real estate agent

The Kore team Knowledge

Knowledge extends beyond having a real estate license and knowing the market. Nick is a licensed Broker, meaning that he possesses the highest level of knowledge offered through OREA. Dan is a licensed Sales Representative with a background in Project Management. Our team has a thorough knowledge of the area, having been part of the community for many years. We attend monthly council meetings and participate in community projects to ensure we have a the most complete spectrum of knowledge when it comes to our local areas. We also have an in-depth understanding of residential construction. This we feel is extremely important- knowing the product that we are selling.

The Kore Team Experience

Beyond knowledge, you’ll want to make sure your Realtor has experience and a proven history of success. Every real estate transaction is unique. This business is only truly learned through experience.

“I can confidently say that my ability to negotiate, strategically price and market property and ensure that all of my clients’ needs are exceeded has increased exponentially since I was first licensed 10 years ago.”

The Kore Team Drive

“A real estate transaction is driven forward by the realtor” – Nick, The Kore Team. Real Estate is a time-sensitive business, “days on market” is everything. You can find Dan and Nick working into the wee hours of the night to ensure every transaction moves forward. They are willing to do the things that most aren’t. We push banks and lenders, inspectors and lawyers to ensure everything happens on time. We literally work around the clock to satisfy our clients. 9 – 5 is not an option if you work in the world of real estate. No deal has ever been lost due to a lack of drive or initiative with The Kore Team.

The Kore Team Personality

Through the process of buying or selling a home you should see your realtor quite frequently. Do yourself a favour and make sure it is someone you can stand to be around! it is a very personable business and something to remember is, if you cant stand your realtor, more than likely potential buyers wont be able to either! Our clients become our friends, whom we keep in touch with long after the transaction is complete. We both create an emotional attachment with our clients. This personality trait keeps us in the mindset of our clients. We truly want the best for you and we make sure that you are satisfied because of that.