The Kore Team Story

“Experience is a good school. But the fees are high”

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell; a winding road that led them to their current position. Along the way, decisions are made that forever change the landscape of their path. Every decision, and the time spent between, builds on knowledge. The application of items learned, creates experience.

The Kore Team, while young, has a lifetime of experience.

Growing up in Caledon, On, we were taught to work hard for what we wanted. Anything was possible, and available for the taking- but it wasn’t going to be handed over without struggle. We’ve held on tight to this over the last 15 years.

Nick obtained a B.A from Laurentian University, shortly followed by his Real Estate Licence in 2009. Dan, a diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2007.

Like most, we made our way into our respective fields of study, both working under the direction of our corporate leadership.

In 2012, we decided to partner up, leaving our corporate jobs behind us.

We founded a company, Kore Construction Inc., which transformed into a Real Estate Investment Partnership over an 8 year period, later renamed Kore Vacation Rentals. KVR continues to operate, running some of the top performing short term accommodation properties in Blue Mountain, On. Between projects, Dan obtained his real estate license, and in summer of 2017, The Kore Team was launched.

The experience we have gained is in invaluable. But we are the first to admit that there is always more to learn.

Every transaction in Real Estate in different. There’s always a detail that creates just enough turbulence to keep things exciting. But we welcome the challenge.

While our specialty is investment opportunities- we love to talk about investment opportunities- we welcome each and every real estate undertaking, from a ‘simple’ single family residential resale, to the most complicated of commercial offerings, we’re ready for anything.

Bottom line, choose a team to work with that is well rounded, and can speak intelligently from practical experience. It’s one thing to learn it in school; it’s another to witness it face to face. The Kore Team is hear to guide.

Meet the Kore Team!

Nick Kardos

Nick Kardos Broker

Sam Greco

Sam Greco Executive Assistant

Dan Kardos, C.E.T.

Dan Kardos, C.E.T. Sales Representative