Nick Kardos Broker

Market Knowledge only constitutes a small portion of what it takes to be a great Realtor. Knowing the product inside and out, understanding buyer or seller motives and desires beyond what is communicated, and a resilient and ambitious personality help form a well rounded Realtor.
Prior to acting on his lifelong dream of living close to the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, Nick’s focus was in the highly competitive, fast paced market of Toronto and surrounding area, where he learned to act quickly and with precision when executing a deal- a valuable and necessary trait in todays market. In addition to his efforts within the real estate community, Nick built a reputation in acquiring failing short term rental properties, optimizing operations and maximizing exposure, which in turn produced some of the top performing self operated accommodations, bringing upwards of 2000 tourists to the Blue Mountain area per year.
In addition to his Broker designation, Nick has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.
Nick is also supporter of other local businesses, as he understands the struggles associated with small business development, and aims to help others in similar positions. He is a firm believer in maintaining friendships, and claims that one of things he enjoys most about the real estate business is the people he meets and befriends.