Top 10 Most Economical Housing Sales in Wasaga Beach

In this weeks blog I would like to take a look at the inverse of Dan’s blog last week on Million Dollar Listings. For many, buying their first home has become a grim topic of conversation. With last years market pushing house prices up as much as 25% in certain areas, dreams of owning a house have become just that….a dream.

With the average house price in the GTA reaching $805,320 and the average condo price in the GTA at $562,892 I can concur with first time home buyers. Check out May’s Market Watch brought to you by the Toronto Real Estate Board.

My parents like to tell the story of when they bought their first home roughly 30 years ago. They grew up in Mississauga and although their friends bought in the area, they decided housing prices were a bit too steep and moved north to Caledon. The sacrifice was a further commute for a more affordable home. This trend still exists today. The city has expanded north and the northern line for more affordable living has moved further north as well.

We have helped move many families north to Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Stayer etc…. and many of them continue to commute to the GTA. Every client I have asked has said the same thing – the quality of their home and lifestyle is worth the additional commuting time.

For all you list enthusiasts, here is a snap shot of some of the most economical freehold properties and condo’s sold in the last year in Wasaga Beach.

For privacy reasons, we have not published the final sale figures.

Top 5 Freehold Under $300k

Top 5 Condo’s Under $300k

Listings similar to these are still on the market today. If you would like a more detailed list of affordable houses and condo’s let us know!

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