Listing Marketing Technology in 2017

Real estate has changed in so many capacities over the years. From the structures we sell, to the procedure we now use to create contracts and negotiate terms, the facade of real estate is ever-changing. The most notable change has been the change in the forms of advertisement and technology we now use to market properties. Roughly a decade ago when I was brand new to the business, a listing consisted of a write up and low quality photos and the bulk of advertisement was published in local papers or real estate specific publications. In my opinion this type of advertisement and marketing is now sub-par.

Depending on the listing, The Kore Team now uses interactive floor plans, high definition photography, high definition videography, drone videos, artistic renderings and the list goes on. When it comes to advertisement we have a social media platform which reaches thousands, on occasion tens of thousands of viewers.

The most recent addition to our marketing plan are interactive floor plans. Picture yourself scanning through photo’s on a listing, the photos showcase the house but it is hard to get a true feel of the room orientation. If the property has been marketed well, you will find a video in the multimedia section of the listing. It will give you a better perspective on how all the rooms tie together but it’s still one room at a time. This is why we include interactive floor plans in our listings. You can move the 3D image with your cursor and view any possible angle, a true holistic view of the house.

Hard to visualize without seeing? Check out our latest listing below and click on the “brochure tab” to view the interactive floor plan.


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