Market Comparison- How does Wasaga Beach Measure up?

The Real Estate Market is constantly changing, but geographical situation is one variable that we can count on to stay put. A major factor for any buyer when searching for the their next home is proximity to their employer- more specifically commuting time. If we look at the GTA as the target, there are several good areas to settle within a 1hr 15min commuting window- to the East, West, North, and South. And yes, this includes us straight up Airport rd in Southern Georgian Bay!

Todays Blog focusses on the areas which are considered ‘commuting hubs’ to the GTA- From Guelph up through Barrie. So how do I choose the direction to head in for our big move, you ask? Well, thats a loaded question… and factors could include family and friends, desired atmosphere, hobbies, etc… to name a few of a mile long list.

But since we as Realtors live and breathe all things Real Estate, we can at least comment on value- or what you get for your dollar in the Summer of 2018.

Our focus area for this study is the ‘common family home’ in the 550-700K price range, which allows us to compare apples with apples. For all of us that can draw our best conclusions from a comparison graphic, we’ll start here:

Below are some recent listings showing home quality and style, per area. The homes that were used as part of the study were of similar construction, quality and finishes. Lot sizes varied depending on location.


Wasaga Beach offers the most home for your dollar, with larger property parcels and homes, at least in the 600k price range.

Newmarket offers well situated homes for commuting, with easy highway access, but at a premium of about $100,000.

Barrie, Orangeville, and Guelph generally all offered similar homes and lot sizes, for a similar price per square foot. The trade off for proximity to the GTA is smaller properties, and little less home for your dollar.

Of course, there are a ton of variables with a study like this, but it does give us a general oversight of the market as it sits today, and promotes some further discussion. Any questions, give us a call!

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