Million Dollar Listing- Wasaga Beach Addition!

We’re occasionally asked if there are any residential sales in Wasaga Beach that exceed the One Million Dollar threshold, and the answer is absolutely yes!

Most of the following list contains waterfront properties- no surprise here given our geographical topography. The bottom line is that even at this price point, buyers moving north and considering our area can still find a beautiful home with a great view, all at a reasonable price- something that may no be ‘reachable’ in the GTA.

So for all of you that are interested in Wasaga’s Best, and appreciate a good old fashion list, here you go!

9 Homes sold in Wasaga Beach Over the Past 2 years, in the ‘Upper Tier’.

For privacy reasons, we have not published the final sale figures.

Catch your attention?? Here are four more gorgeous homes that are currently listed… Give us a call for a tour.

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