Opportunity Knocks for the Next Generation Workforce in Southern Georgian Bay

Many of our clients considering moving to the area from the south, with intentions to live here permanently, ask us about the local economy and career opportunities. Like the areas around us, we are growing in numbers- and quickly. And with growth comes the need to accommodate. To me, this means potential for local job creation.

At the April 12th coordinated committee meeting in Wasaga Beach, it was announced by the Georgian Bay Labour Task Supply Force that there is a labour shortage in our area. The shortage is not only a result of the increase in seasonal employment given the time of year, but also the demand to fill vacancies of retirees, or new jobs created but the rising population and new projects.

With many positions becoming vacant due to “an aging population”, opportunity knocks for the next generation, seeking (specifically, but not limited to) “supervisor and specialized roles”.

In the past, many have left the area in search of a career suited to a particular education or skillset, and relocating as required. As the Southern Georgian Bay area continues to make the transition to a more economically independent area, more and more job opportunities will arise, making this not only a great place to live, but also to work.

Great news for those that live here, or are considering relocating to the area!

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