The King of Rock and Roll Returns to Collingwood

Would you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur? Every year many cheese enthusiast take to Cooper’s Hill UK, where they risk their lives and limbs while they chase large Gouda cheese wheels down Coopers Hill. How about in Wales where they have a festival which hosts the World Bog Snorkelling Championship. Or in Ashbourne, UK they hold the annual Toe Wrestling Championships.

Ok, so the Collingwood Elvis Festival may play second fiddle when it comes to bizarre festivals and events but none the less people come from far and wide to enjoy all that is Elvis.

This weekend marks the 24th annual Collingwood Elvis Festival. For those of you who don’t live and breathe Elvis, it is still something worth experiencing. On stage tribute artists, bar and restaurant performances, Elvis impersonators, vendors and merchandise and if your lucky you might even get up close and personal with Elvis himself. For a full list of event details go to

I should make a connection to real estate in here somewhere….. If your looking to relocate and are yearning for that lost sense of community; what says friends and neighbours like a good old fashion Elvis festival. On the contrary, maybe you’ve had enough of Elvis and are looking to escape from the many kings of rock and roll who line the streets of Collingwood each year. Either way the Kore Team is here to help! Moving in or moving on, give us a call!

Nick Kardos
Broker – The Kore Team

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