Wasaga Beach Downtown Master Plan Pushes Forward

Last night the Town of Wasaga Beach presented to the community an update on where we stand in the progression of the Downtown Master Plan.

The presentation was hosted at the Rec Plex and when I arrived it felt as if I had arrived to a sold out concert; a line up at the door and the only available seating in the very back of the room.

Presentations included an update from Andrew McNeil (Director of Tourism for Wasaga Beach) and Frank Giannone (Fram and Slokker Developments).

Andrew reviewed and highlighted some of the key elements of the plan and addressed some of the communities concerns about possible expropriations of adjacent lands. For those who haven’t been following the development of this plan, the plan includes an uptown and downtown core, town centre, mixed use buildings along main, an event centre at the beach, resort style accommodations on the beach and up to date beach front entertainment. I highly recommend visiting www.buildwasaga.com to get the full scope of the downtown plan – in my opinion it is unbelievable!

Fram and Slokker has been short listed as the developer of choice, they have headed communities all over North America and beyond. Some recent notable communities are the shipyards in Collingwood, Port Credit and Don Mills. The communities they have completed have been architectural rich and help create an identity in the area they are building – something Wasaga Beach has been lacking since the strip burned down in 2007.

How does this tie in with real estate? Andrew touched on some interesting figures last night. The creation of a downtown core will create exponential job opportunities and create an atmosphere that people will WANT to work in. The influx in jobs leads to a higher population which leads to a higher demand on local housing. Wasaga Beach has sprawled to the point where we have almost hit our boundaries. Once this happens developer will have to build up versus out. This is when the detached homes and large lots that populate the beach really become valued.

So if you are considering purchasing in Wasaga and remain on the fence, I highly recommend making a decision sooner than later.

As always, if you have any questions about the Downtown Master Plan or are considering purchasing in the beach give me a call!!

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