The Importance Of Knowing Before You Buy An “Airbnb”

Business has changed considerably over the years, we are starting to see a trend from dominance of large corporations to what has been deemed a “sharing economy”. What does this mean exactly? Companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Zipcar have revolutionized selected industries by essentially deconstructing corporate ideas and allowing individuals to operate similar businesses

Listing Marketing Technology in 2017

Real estate has changed in so many capacities over the years. From the structures we sell, to the procedure we now use to create contracts and negotiate terms, the facade of real estate is ever-changing. The most notable change has been the change in the forms of advertisement and technology we now use to market

Is the Market Softening?

The most common question we receive as Realtors as of late is the obvious one, when will this market slow down? Although evidence is only anecdotal at this point, personal experience along with testimonies of other realtors across the region and province suggest that the market is softening. The liberals introduction of the “Ontario’s Fair