Commercial Real Estate In Southern Georgian Bay

If you have ever considered the thought of getting out from working underneath of someone else and working for yourself, you may have entertained the idea of buying commercial real estate. After taking a few steps towards the idea there may have been some frustration off the hop. Unfortunately, buying commercial real estate is about

The Ins & Outs of Airbnb in Southern Georgian Bay

Hello Airbnb Advocates! It’s time to shed some light on a subject that comes across our desk quite often- the option to (legally) rent out your cottage, condo or home on a weekend or weekly basis, through Airbnb or similar platforms (Home Away, Cottages Canada, etc). Make no mistake, the idea of a Sharing Economy-

New Construction VS Resale

A common question I receive from buyers is whether to buy New Construction VS Resale. Unfortunately, the question doesn’t have a simple answer. Its a matter of weighing the pros and cons and deciding based on what is important to you. To help aid in this decision I have provided some information below to highlight